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tunl.chat: Disrupting the Status Quo with ChatGPT capabilities

Experience the future of customer service with tunl.chat and OpenAI’s GPT-3 generative AI customized to serving financial institution clients. While the world races to catch up to the advances of chatGPT technology, for the last year, we’ve worked with our partner, Ada, to deliver a unique service experience for our clients that is keeping them ahead of their competition. Our advanced AI technology, partly powered by OpenAI, provides instant and personalized responses to member inquiries, leaving them amazed. 

With the same underlying technology as chatGPT, tunl.chat is one of the first conversational banking products in-market to leverage the same OpenAI Large Language Model (LLM) that enables financial institutions to more efficiently respond to and action customer needs. As the application layer on top of the LLM, tunl.chat empowers our clients to establish actions as a result of one-to-one conversations chatters are having. 

Generative AI technology is advancing rapidly. Today, tunl.chat enables you to  generate more accurate and automated natural language responses with our “Training Suggestions” functionality, with extensive customization options for your financial institution. With a multi-year roadmap to continually enhance our generative AI capabilities, we are ensuring your financial institution stays ahead of the game and maintains a major advantage in the market.

What does this mean for your chatter experience?

Imagine having a technology that can understand your customers’ needs and responds to them more accurately in a way that is tailored to your brand and business. With native OpenAI integration, tunl.chat has  the potential to revolutionize the way your financial institution interacts with their customers. With advanced natural language understanding  capabilities, integrations with OpenAI LLMs,  tunl.chat  can understand and respond to customer inquiries with unprecedented accuracy and speed. 

After the aI has done its magic, tunl.chat as the application layer enables FIs to tailor the AI-generated responses to match their brand’s voice and make it work seamlessly with their strategically curated customer service methodologies.

What's the scoop with generative AI and how it's impacting the role of Bot Managers? Are they facing new challenges or is it opening up new doors for career growth and development?

Generative AI enables content to be generated quickly, but it may not always be the answer you want to give or reflect your brand. That’s where human expertise comes in – to ensure the correct responses are given, the way you want them given and importantly to drive taking action through integrated services. The role of bot management is becoming more important than ever. 

Think of it this way – bot managers are like personal trainers for your bot. They’ll teach it everything it needs to know to perform at its best – the specific knowledge, how to use content accurately, and how to represent your brand in the best way possible. Once it’s ready to go live, the bot managers will keep an eye on its performance, fine-tune the responses, and provide feedback to the bot for improvement. They’ll also use data insights to make sure your bot drives better resolution rates and customer satisfaction. 

This is a huge opportunity for current staff to step up and take on new challenges. With the right skills, they’ll be able to help their financial institution take full advantage of the power of generative AI and deliver a truly personalized and accurate customer experience. It’s exciting to be part of this new era of AI, and it’s an opportunity to develop their conversational design skills.

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