Premium chat experience built for FI's and fintechs enables financial institutions and fintechs to better serve their customers anytime, anywhere and much more cost-effectively.

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Serving Canadians coast to coast

There are now 20 implementations across the country, powering the frontline service experience for a continually growing group of financial institutions and fintechs.

Powerful Member Service Automation with Minimal Effort

Effortlessly navigate your chatters through the sales process using’s automated responses, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Easy resolution of member inquiries, reducing the need for extensive human intervention.

Resolves inquiries in over 50 languages.

Achieves 10x faster training than other automation platforms.

Transforms your member support journey by leveraging generative AI.

Handles over 4 billion conversations with a recognition rate of over 90%.

Generates fresh, on-brand content variations effortlessly, keeping your chatters engaged and informed.

Developed for Canadian financial institutions

Most generic chatbot solutions are clunky and only lead to customer frustration. This premium generative AI chat assistant is tailored specifically for your customers and Members.

20+ successful financial institution implementations.

300+ pre-built flows for your financial institution.

Premium solution, without the premium pricing.

Automated generative AI-powered optimization.

Eliminate dependence on IT with’s intuitive drag-and-drop UI.

Easy to deploy, optimize and integrate

A no code chat solution requiring no technical expertise to deploy and maintain.

Utilizes industry-leading natural language understanding.

Creates comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Digital banking integration enables transactions within chat.

Easy and seamless integration with leading live chat, telephony, CRM, scheduling and ticketing solutions.

Elevating CX with Advanced Features

Replace traditional, code-heavy chatbots with an easy-to-use generative chat assistant. No developer skills needed! Find your bot manager from your existing Marketing or Communications divisions. connect earth

Client testimonials

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"We decided to introduce as a component of FirstOntario Credit Union’s digital strategy to better serve our Members. With our membership growing every single year, we needed a solution that was able to bring the existing service touchpoints together - and has done just that."

Ron Renton @ FirstOntario

SVP, Digital Transformation and PMO

"We are proud to be taking the lead with from an API perspective to further personalize the digital experience for our Members. This will help bridge the in-person and online experience in a way we haven’t seen before, and truly empower our Members with greater flexibility in their banking."

Doug Ebner @ YNCU

VP, Innovation and Business Integration

"Bringing our Digital assistant Val to life was an amazing learning experience for us at Valley Credit Union. Since we were the first in the region to launch this service it was important to us to get it right so to speak. We are so grateful for the fabulous team at FICANEX Technology for their project approach. "

Catharine Herber @ Valley Credit Union

Sales and Marketing Manager

Seamless integration with leading service platforms is much more than a stand-alone chat solution. Out of the box integration with leading service and communication software solutions is critical for efficient for omni-channel servicing.

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