Delivering Premium Generative AI Chat Support


Automate interactions and increase customer satisfaction with over 300 pre-built chat flows tailored for your business.

Handles over 4 billion conversations.

Utilizes industry-leading natural language understanding.

Brakes language barriers with multilingual reach, resolving inquiries in over 50 languages.

Integrates seamlessly with CRM's and more.

Accurate comprehension of chatter, generating automatic content with the ability to generate fresh,
on-brand content.

Reduces operational costs and relying on generative AI to efficiently resolve member inquiries.

Client-tested and approved.

Generative AI chat assistant for financial institutions and fintechs is an easy to implement generative AI-powered chat assistant that automates your customer service experience and increases customer satisfaction.

Generative AI Implementations

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generative ai CUSTOMERS
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Automated Conversations

Consumer consent management for Open Banking

Consumer consent management for Open Banking

Efficient financial transactions and consent management.

Enhanced personal information protection.

Client-directed consent and data sharing across business lines.

Reduced technical costs with scalable data integration.

consumer consent

Increased customer loyalty through customized services.

Monetization opportunities through trusted third-party partnerships.

Privacy and loyalty maintained via user-consented data sharing.

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